b. 1951, American

Steve Carver was born and raised in Oklahoma; his English/German/Native American family included firefighters, circus performers, prison guards and shopkeepers.  He inherited his love of drawing from his father, an amateur cartoonist.  His earlier career was spent as a graphic designer where that discipline continues to inform his work.  During his tenure as a graphic designer, his clients have included The AtlanticRolling StoneTIMENewsweekThe New York TimesThe Boston Globe as well as many others.  

In 2014 his painting Last Creek was the inspiration for 2 one-act plays (Need a Ride by Will Carter and The Postcard by Arthur Wayne Glowka,) commissioned by the Know Theatre, where they were performed later that year.

Carver’s paintings have been shown at Fowler-Mills Galleries, Santa Monica, CA; Anthony Brunelli Fine Art, Binghamton, NY; Herbert Williams Gallery, CFAC, Syracuse, NY; Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY; State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, NY; Corners Gallery, Ithaca, NY; Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State University and The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. 

Artist Statement

"As a graphic designer for many years, I was a storyteller, but the stories I told were not entirely my own, and there was the necessity of making the message clear and unambiguous.  With my paintings, I'm still telling a story but the person viewing the picture is an equal partner in the telling.  

My influences are diverse: from the Dadaists and the Pop Art and Fluxus movements to that of the masters of graphic design.

Those influences are used in the service of explorations into memory; not for nostalgia but as a way to revisit family and the cultural history of our country, in particular the cowboy-south of my youth."