Steve Carver was born and raised in Oklahoma; his English/German/Native American family included firefighters, circus performers, prison guards and shopkeepers.  He inherited his love of drawing from his father, an amateur cartoonist.  His earlier career was spent as a graphic designer where that discipline continues to inform his work.  During his tenure as a graphic designer, his clients have included The AtlanticRolling StoneTIMENewsweekThe New York TimesThe Boston Globe as well as many others.  


"As a graphic designer for many years, I was a storyteller, but the stories I told were not entirely my own, and there was the necessity of making the message clear and unambiguous.  With my paintings, I'm still telling a story but the person viewing the picture is an equal partner in the telling.  


I'm inspired by a love of typography, folk art, classic American film.  My influences are diverse: from Dadaists and the Pop Art and Fluxus movements to that of graphic design and hundreds of anonymous sign and banner painters as well.  


Those influences are used in the service of explorations into memory; not for nostalgia but as a way to revisit family and the cultural history of our country, in particular the cowboy-south of my youth.  The verbal and visual are both utilized in producing the pictures; from one painting to the next the balance changes."


Carver's work has been shown at Fowler-Mills Galleries in Santa Monica, CA, Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State University and The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.