Stephanie Schechter

b. 1972, American

Schechter is a Providence, RI based painter focused on bold, graphic realism. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a BFA in industrial design. Though she began her creative career as a designer, she soon found she had more to express than is possible through design alone.

As an artist, Schechter is compelled to make art that articulates and documents the beauty found in the everyday, man-made world. She is drawn to the three-dimensional shapes, typography and color of the signage and architecture seen in her travels. The imagery she is attracted to and the way she composes paintings are heavily influenced by her background as a designer.

Her striking paintings of signage and architecture have been displayed in exhibitions throughout the United States.

Artist Statement

“My process starts with extensive photography of a subject. I select a painting's source photograph based on the angles, shadows and highlights that best accentuate the subject. Working from the photograph, I create a drawing- editing and enhancing in order to hone the focus of the work. The drawing is then transferred to the canvas, where I use a direct, hard-edge, precise method of oil painting. One of my greatest joys is the moment a three-dimensional form starts to come to life on a canvas.”