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b. 1958, American

Rich Harrington repurposes images and text culled from toys, games and teaching materials of his formative years of the 1960’s to make a personal social commentary on identity in the form of a collective visual autobiography. The work includes painting, sculpture and assemblage. His background in graphic design, illustration and painting is evident in his work.

Rich's process includes painstakingly reproducing found images and text in a quasi paint by number technique. He is committed to using only existing images and text; nothing has been contrived or manipulated other than the context/arrangement of these images and text. Much of the work is comprised of multiple pieces; referencing assimilation through repetition. The work is infused with a sense of humor that embraces the audience. Recognizable icons, materials and objects, draw viewers into what appears to be a world of the familiar. Upon closer inspection, this assumption is radically challenged. 

“It is in this moment my work becomes a bridge to a world that existed in parallel to the familiar but was invisible, like I was. I have revisited and rewritten my own experiences to include and acknowledge my own human existence and search for place.” ­– RH







Meet the artist

Artist Rich Harrington discusses his influences and how he reconfigures pop culture icons to create his own personal social commentary.