b. 1965, Austria

Martin. C. Herbst is an Austrian painter, whose work focuses on an elaborate reevaluation of art historical themes and theories of classical portraiture and human figures.  

His "subjects" are individual but at the same time portray the best work of their epochs.  The traditional intent to display the distinctive likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person is combined with witty and often unexpected forms of representation.  

Faces appear on spheres and look like caged moon faces.  They are distorted when painted on curved panels, but look "normal" if the viewer perceives them from a certain point of view. 

In his series, Hidden Treasures, Herbst paints portraits on mirrored, folded aluminum panels which encourages viewers to interact and move with the piece, allowing the portraits to reveal and conceal themselves within the reflective folds, revealing the painting in different spirit and with different emotion.

Herbst has exhibited extensively around the globe including his participation in several international art fairs including: Art Basel, Art Miami, Scope New YorK, Basel, Miami, Hamptons, London, Art Chicago, Los Angeles Art Show, Artbo, Bogota, Show Off, Pairs, Art Brussels, Arteabeunos Aires.




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