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A closeup examination of Out of the Pot


b. 1956, American

It begins something like this..."Hey, I've got an idea for a new painting: "Great Sailors of the World."  I'll show the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man, Popeye and Cap'n Crunch.  I was thinking of Troy Tempest, too, but he's not actually a sailor."  Troy Tempest, for those unfamiliar, is the main character - a marionette - from a 1960s animated TV program.  Wayne owns the entire series, and many more such treasures, on DVD.

And so it goes.  Inspiration drawn from, often-times, obscure nostalgic memories reincarnated in Wayne's fertile imagination.  TV programs, colorful plastic toys and cigarette ads are rendered in swirling oils or controlled graphite.  Like the tethering ropes on a giant Macy's Parade balloon, Wayne's imagination is harnessed by his mastery of Medium.  

His work is FUN, but there's nothing funny about his technique.  Schooled in the ways of figurative realism, Wayne can breathe life in human form as easily as his two-dimensional models.  Either way, Wayne's academic, disciplined approach and outright skills are incomparable.

 -Terry McDonald


Wayne Claypatch received his BFA and MA from St. Cloud State University.  In 1977 he attended a Fine Arts Study program in Europe and apprenticed under Phillip Pearlstein in 1980.  Claypatch has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions over the past 30 years.  His work is housed in several private and public collections nationally.