available works - EVER ONWARD: CHAPTER 1


tice lerner

b. 1985, American

EVER ONWARD, a series by photographer, Tice Lerner, confronts the rust belt experience in upstate New York found in and around the communities of Binghamton, NY.  The close, personal encounters with his subjects engage viewers and tell a deeper history about a previously thriving small industrial city. Lerner states, "This area, a once well-off manufacturing town for defense during the cold war and founding city of IBM, has long been economically depressed.  It was well known that in the heyday of Binghamton, IBM had some of their largest factories nearby.  In that bygone era, large companies were cradle to grave multigenerational employers that were more like countries than corporations. Binghamton 'IBMers' would show their pride by singing their corporate anthems daily - one of which was called, EVER ONWARD.  IBM, like the rest of these large companies, has long left Binghamton, leaving behind chemical spills and economic disparities."  Lerner was born in St. James, NY and has been a Binghamton, NY resident since he was five years old.  Over the years, his life around the diverse individuals and communities of Binghamton have fostered his specialized love for the documentary style.

A note about processing:

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