Landscapes and Equestrians



b. 1973, American

Richard Heisler lives and paints in Seattle, WA.  His current body of work focuses on the cityscape of Tokyo, which he calls "100 Views of Tokyo."  This series is an ongoing project where Heisler pays homage to the artists and influences that have explored this cityscape intimately, artistically, and intellectually.  His work aims to examine the city of Tokyo - its place, its history, its architecture as it exitsts now.

Alternatively, Heisler has been exploring the urban and rural American landscape through painting. 

Artist Statement

“My mind is constantly focused on realism and authenticity, be it art, food, movies, books, anything. That is the overwhelming theme of the work. I produce, trying to bring to the viewer the authenticity of place, time, and object or emotion of what I paint. While the technical aspects of my work are often the first to engage people, an honest and genuine portrayal of what I am painting is what I want them to have as a lasting experience. I do not enhance, exaggerate, or downplay any element of my chose subject. I seek to pass on my impression and feeling of that moment, place or thing to the viewer through an authentic portrayal.”