Painting with Light: Jessica Fridrich Refuses to be Eluded by Nature

Photograph by Jessica Fridrich,  Resurrection,  (detail)

Photograph by Jessica Fridrich, Resurrection, (detail)

Dr. Jessica Fridrich was born and raised in the Czech Republic during the Socialist regime. It was here that, despite the sterility cultivated by the powers of government, a young Fridrich’s love for the arts and nature began to grow. Much of her early inspiration stems from experiences with her father, who was an electrical engineering instructor at a specialized high school.

“His heart was really in fine arts,” says Fridrich of her father.

She recalls, as a child, watching her father make sketches out in a field, or paint in the living room of their apartment. These were her father’s galleries, as his political views restricted him from showing his art in public. While she observed him, Fridrich’s father would teach her about the principles of art, such as composition and mixing paint.