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jackie k. seo

b. 1972, Korean

Jackie K. Seo is a Korean-born, self-taught contemporary sculptor, living and working in Vancouver, Canada.  She also started her career working as a commercial artist for the movie industry and specializes in hyper-realist sculpture.  With this highly detailed hand-constructed approach, her subjects are often scaled outside of human proportion, giving us a compelling glimpse into the personal and private psychology of the human experience.  

Jackie says of her working process;  

 Whenever I think about life, it reminds me of that car repair ad you sometimes see in the classifieds, - "scratches, dents, peeling?" Life is also never perfect.  There's always something that needs constant maintenance.  In each of my pieces I like to show a moment where we feel the need to repair something in our lives and how we deal with it.  I think the style of hyper-realism is a good way to showing the minute subtleties of the challenges of life, in sculptural form.  I can show things like the wetness of tears in the eyes, the flushing of skin or the story that the fine lines and wrinkles of the face tell.  The biggest challenge is balancing the overall feelof the piece without getting lost in the details.  My satisfaction comes when I feel that I've reached someone with my work and they can maybe empathize with part of it.

Seo's work has been exhibited internationally and is part of museum, public and private collections worldwide.  Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts is pleased to represent Seo's work in the United States.