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gianna putrino

b. 1992, American

My work relates to humanity and the human psyche; gaining inspiration from different human conditions and the concept of identity, I compose drawings of a haunting realism.  I have always had a passion for analyzing the human body and using body language to convey messages and emotions.  I began to explore the emotion of anxiety by focusing on hands and mouths, both expressive areas of the human body.  The inspiration behind this imagery and concept is a self-investigation into my habit of nail biting, reflecting on my own identity as an anxious person.  

My new Identity series steps away from my own internal exploration to discover the identities and self-perceptions of my peers.  Through my interviews and phtoto sessions with other young adults, we discuss this transitional time into adulthood, how they currently define themselves, and how they want to be percevied.  .  The resulting drawings arrived out  of an intimate dialog and self-discovery for both the subject and artist.