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eva stengade

b. 1964, Danish

Eva Stengade is a painter, set designer and muralist from Denmark living and working in Copenhagen.  

Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts is currently representing Stengade's series, Speed Inside.

My Subway Series, Speed Inside, shows larger-than-life underground dioramas; a world where subway cars become meditative, high-speed waiting rooms, linked and rumbling along beneath the sunlit world above.  

My interpretation of speed and diversity creates these aquarium-like, blurry paintings, drawing the viewer into the scene and letting them participate in these ongoing, abstract, high-speed snapshots.  

As a set painter, large scale always figures into my work; and I came by this naturally, designing and painting many movie sets, as well as working in the massive design studios for the Danish Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.  

Stengade's work has been used with clients such as Kodak, Sonofon, De Danske Spritfabrikker, Arla, Lego, PostDanmark, and Freja Chokolade to name a few.

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From the exhibition Speed Inside